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What happens in a session?

Great question. There is no one standard session, as each session is tailored to meet each individual where they are. However there is a general format that the sessions follow.  


A session generally begins by taking a moment to breathe and slow down. From this place, the client can bring up the focus of the therapy session. When a client brings up a topic they are then asked to explore his/her body reactions to the topic (eg: tension, numbness or any other sensation). This will be explored through further questions which can often lead to insights and a deeper understanding of self.


I will always orient a first-time client to the method I use so that the client understands the process. My clients’ feeling of safety throughout the session is of the upmost importance and is constantly attended to. Regardless of the path a session takes something significant usually happens each time.



Individual session - 1 hour 

Cost $98 (Concession $77)


Payments are made at the time of session by cash, EFT or cheque.


  • At least 24hrs notice of cancellation or change of appointment otherwise full session fee will apply.

  • If you do not show up for your session you will be asked to pay for that session.

  • If you arrive late you are still required to pay for the full session time allocated to you.